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Robert Stuard, President of L-DF spent 27 years as an assistant cameraman in the motion picture industry, during which time he managed camera crews large and small through the complex process of making movies. Now retired from the movie business, Robert has been teaching WWII history at a private school for the past six years. The main course of study has been the 45 days leading up to D-Day, the D-Day invasion and the lodgment 45 days following D-Day to the break-out. He is a skilled model builder whose output can be found in many western museums.
Brian Brooks Vice-President graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1982 with a degree in Communications, became a co-owner of a model train store in Pasadena, CA. He is now a consultant to railroad model collectors and has a thriving web-based model train business.
Johnson, Lawrence M. S/Sgt - s/n 6709892 2nd Ranger Battalion - New Jersey?
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2nd Lt. Russell H. Godde (MIA)  Romania.
Lois Sturch
Debbie Stoner
Jean-Marc Bonnet
Foundation Photographer
Paul White Capt. 0-391998 - Multnomah, OR
Donna Hoffman